Bossard Investment Group LLC

Family Real Estate

We counsel homeowners in our native Washington, D.C. area on ways to keep their home or at least the generational wealth their home contains. Too many homeowners in our experience have paid their mortgages for decades only to turn their hard-earned equity potential over to investors who earn a relatively quick profit for undertaking the risk of investment and renovation.

We’d like to discuss ways our neighbors can undertake the risk and reward of maximizing their home’s value before selling to others who will. As an experienced mortgage renovation lending professional with extensive contacts in the industry, we have options:

  1. Qualify a family member to buy the home, keeping potential equity in family.
  2. Finance eligible homeowners to renovate and sell themself.
  3. Joint venture with Bossard Investment Group, LLC as Consultant on home renovation financing and maximizing market value.
  4. Sell to Bossard Investment Group, LLC as-is if your decision is to sell.

Please fill in the contact form below to discuss these options or if you have a friend or relative in need of our services. Helping keep generational wealth in the family.

Bossard Investment Group, LLC